New editor-in-chief selected for the Iowa State Daily

Tedi Maths

On April 1, 2013, Katelynn McCollough was selected as the new editor in chief of the Iowa State Daily for the 2013-2014 school year. The decision was made after deliberation of the Daily’s publication board in a meeting in Hamilton Hall.

McCollough is currently a junior studying journalism and political science on the pre-law track and has worked for the Daily since August 2011.

McCollough already has many plans for the Daily next year, including starting up a weekend edition of the Daily with a longer shelf life, improving digital platforms and remaining a constant news source.

“I am really most excited to be figuring out the future of the Iowa State Daily and where we go from here,” McCollough said.

“I’m excited to see the new challenges that face this next year and how we’re going to overcome those challenges and move forward as one of the leading student media organizations in the country.”

As editor in chief, McCollough will be making many staffing decisions for the Daily next year. “I am also really looking forward to seeing who my staff will be next year and who I get the pleasure to work with,” McCollough said.

McCollough will be taking over as editor in chief from Katherine Klingseis at the beginning of the 2013 fall semester, as she has an internship this summer with Iowa Watch.

This summer, Stephen Koenigsfeld, a sophomore in journalism, will be serving as editor in chief.

“I really hope to advance the Daily as a digital daily [newspaper],” Koenigsfeld said.

“More so in terms of getting away from the print media, or the print publication as the most important platform, and really focusing on how we can do more interactive things with the tablet and how we can enhance our online presence and reaching a broader audience.”

Michael Belding, a graduate student in history, also ran for the position of editor in chief.