Wiseguys restaurant and bar to open in Campustown


Photo: Liz Ulrichson/Iowa State Daily

A construction worker makes some improvements on the flooring at the new burger restaurant, Wiseguys, located at 120 Welch Ave. The restaurant is expected to make its Ames debut on Thursday in Campustown.

Justin Senecaut

There is a new restaurant opening up in Campustown called Wiseguys. Campustown already has its fair share of burrito, sandwich and pizza places, but Caleb Johnson said he thought it was missing something.

Johnson is the majority owner of Wiseguys; he owns 50 percent of the restaurant and has two partners who each own 25 percent of the business.

“We looked around to try to find a place to set up a restaurant. We were trying to find something Ames was missing, so we are opening up a burger place,” Johnson said.

The building that Wiseguys is going to be in was a bar before it was bought by Johnson and his partners. They bought the service from Tyler Donielson and Chris Marks, who are the  owners of TC General Contractors.

Donielson and Marks said they have put in a new floor, as well as redoing the bar and walls of the restaurant.

Johnson wants to make sure that the place is up to standards to make it look as new as possible. Updates to the kitchen have been made to make sure that it looks more like a restaurant than it does a bar. Wiseguys is both a restaurant and a bar, but Johnson wants to focus on the restaurant part of Wiseguys.

The restaurant is going to focus more on hamburgers than anything else, though it will have other options.

“You could compare Wiseguys to Zombie Burger that is in Des Moines,” Marks said.

They want to make it so that Wiseguys has unique choices of hamburgers, just like Zombie Burger, and have deals to make people want to come and try new things.

“We are trying to open up Wiseguys the Thursday during Veishea,” said Johnson.

Wiseguys is for all ages and plans to add variety to the area.