Get crafty with suitcase space: 12 items to make seven outfits

Flats will go with any outfit choice. 

Kaylee Delacy

With Spring Break quickly approaching, many of us are booking last-minute reservations and flights to get a break from these arctic Iowa conditions.  Whether you’re going to Mexico, on a school trip or just going home, packing minimally can be a real challenge, especially if you’re flying.  As repeat offenders of over-packing ourselves, we understand that it can be tough to pick and choose what you need for those seven days.  After much experimentation, we found it is possible to make seven great outfits with only 12 items.

Here is what you’ll need:

  1. chambray shirt
  2. favorite pair of denim
  3. cardigan
  4. leather jacket
  5. skirt
  6. boots
  7. flats
  8. sweater tights
  9. belt
  10. blouse
  11. scarf
  12. high-waisted shorts

Day 1: Chambray, Denim, Belt, Boots

Start off with a simple look that says so much.  This ensemble is very casual but extremely on trend right now.  Belt the chambray to accentuate your waist and break up the denims.  Pull on your favorite pair of riding boots for a classic, put together look.

Day 2: Blouse, Skirt, Scarf, Boots

This look is great for a warmer spring day.  Show off some leg in this adorable high-waisted skirt while sporting a sheer blouse, patterned scarf and your favorite boots. Remember to pick a neutral pair of boots that can be paired with a variety of colors to maximize versatility.

Day 3: Chambray, Cardigan, Denim, Flats

Take geek-chic to the next level by layering your chambray under a crew-neck cardigan.  Pair this with your best pair of skinny jeans and some comfortable flats to show off your style smarts.

Day 4: Leather jacket, Chambray, Shorts, Belt, Flats

Be bold by whipping out your favorite high-waisted shorts — that is, if the weather permits.  Tie up your chambray ’90s-style and layer on a sleek leather jacket for that ultra-edgy vibe.  Top off your look with a basic belt and flats.

Day 5: Leather jacket, Blouse, Scarf, Denim, Boots

Now that you’re hitting the tail end of the week, it’s time to mix these pieces up.  Pair your leather jacket with the sheer blouse for an eye-catching contrast in texture.  Keep your remaining pieces simple with your basic denim, boots and scarf.

Day 6: Chambray, Skirt, Sweater tights, Belt, Flats

Loving the versatility of your chambray? Us too! That’s why we’ll use it one more time this week. Tuck it into your high waisted-skirt and belt it for a fierce, feminine look. Slide into the sweater tights, slip on your flats and be prepared to turn a few heads.

Day 7: Blouse, Shorts, Cardigan, Scarf, Sweater tights, Flats

Finish off your break with a bit of sass and class with this final look. Tuck the blouse into your shorts and layer up with the cardigan, scarf, sweater tights and flats. This will be a very comfortable look for traveling back to school and warm enough when the wintry weather greets you back in Ames.

Packing only the necessities doesn’t have to mean making a style sacrifice.  Pick staple items in neutral colors, styled to make several unique outfits.  Pair them with a few colorful accessories for creative looks that you may never have thought of before. Get creative and get packing!