Joynt: Tempo AI launches Smart Calendar app

Jordan Joynt

Tempo AI recently announced the release of their newest app, Tempo Smart Calendar for iPhone. The app arranges the content of each event entered into the calendar, giving all information in one tap.

The calendar uses technology from SRI, the same company behind Apple’s Siri.

The Tempo Smart Calendar works by analyzing user data to gather information to add to the calendar including contacts, emails, documents and apps.

“The calendar is where life happens, and Tempo gives people more control over their day by enhancing their calendars in a meaningful way,” said Raj Singh, founder and CEO of Tempo AI in a press release. “We’ve designed the experience to reduce the noise that’s often associated with virtual assistants that push information to users out of context or intent. Tempo surfaces information and actions in your calendar in the context of the people you know, the places you are going, and the information you’ll need.”

Tempo Smart calendar works as a personal assistant by detailing event summaries, providing all information of the event in one place, and constantly updating calendar information, phone numbers and related information.

Tempo also suggests locations, contacts, emails and documents when information on the event is scarce.

Tempo lists several tasks the calendar can do, including:

   — Dial into conference calls – Tempo handles the passcodes

   — Review emails that pertain to specific meetings and events

   — Open related documents – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, etc.

   — Find the exact location even without an address

   — Get driving directions, nearby parking, and estimated drive time

Tempo Smart Calendar can be downloaded for free from the App Store.