Joynt: 4Chan founder launches DrawQuest app

Jordan Joynt

4Chan founder Christopher Poole has launched DrawQuest via image remixing site, Canvas, also created by Poole. DrawQuest is an iPad app that brings people together around daily drawing challenges.

In a blog post, the DrawQuest team says the app was built to bring creative expression back into your daily life.

“If you pull people off of the street and ask them if they are artistic, most will say ‘no,'” Poole told Mashable. “People don’t view a blank slate or canvas as an opportunity to be creative, so we wanted to get the ball rolling by creating a template for them to work with.”

Every day begins with a new competition to draw the Quest of the Day. It’s a challenge to use your imagination and complete a drawing based on specific criteria.

Examples include creating your own superhero, dressing up a snowman, and depicting a dream you may have had.

Using the app’s touch interface and editor, the user can add images to the template and fill in colors.

When you finish the project, you have the option of publishing the drawing to the DrawQuest community. The drawing becomes available to view in a gallery along with other projects done by community members.

Drawings can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and several other social sites, but community features within the app will be fairly limited, starting out. Users can’t comment yet, but you can favorite drawings and follow other community members.

DrawQuest is available for free download in the iTunes store.