Daily: Should leggings be worn as pants?

Kristen Daily

Leggings: stylish alternative to sweatpants or fashion faux pas? Who would have thought a simple article of clothing could spark such heated debate?

I must admit I have fully embraced the idea of wearing leggings as pants. For me, they are the perfect excuse to wear a comfortable pair of pants and get out of jeans or tights once in awhile. However, I am well aware of the fact that many people disagree with this fashion trend.

However, it wasn’t the eye-rolling of girls who despise leggings or the concerns of older generations that have prompted me to write this article. Instead, it was a fellow classmate here at Iowa State who so kindly pointed out that “ass season” is upon us.

What is “ass season,” you may ask? According to the guy that happily informed me of the dawn of this season, it’s time for the mystery to be unveiled and the imaginations of men to be put to rest. Rather simply, leggings provide the perfect picture, without anything being left up to the imagination.

Naturally, I was fairly shocked and outraged at the bluntness of this statement, particularly because I happened to be wearing leggings when he informed me of this. 

I am happy to say that I think this idea of “ass season” can be changed for the better.

Most of the time I hear complaints (typically from other girls) that thongs/underwear lines show because leggings are see-through or that girls are exposing too much thigh and butt. I can’t argue with this. I’ve definitely seen it. But leggings are not the problem here (with the exception of the quality of legging), it’s how girls are wearing them.

To help give you some ideas of how leggings should be worn, I’ve found some rules for wearing leggings from the blog “Cubicle 57,” written by Beckie. To see more of her writing and more details on the following guidelines for wearing leggings, you can check out her blog here: “In Defense of Leggings as Pants: 5 Rules.” The rules are simple:

One: Buy quality leggings. Higher quality leggings will be thicker (less see-through) and last longer — they are worth the money!

Two: Wear something tunic-length — anything dress-length or longer looks frumpy with leggings and anything shorter (hip-length) shows too much.

Three: Choose the right shoes. Boots are perfect for pairing with leggings, and in warm weather Toms are also a good option. Don’t wear sneakers; they’ll end up looking bulky and awkward.

Four: Stick to grays and blacks when it comes to choosing a color of leggings. Solid, dark colors will help you achieve that slim, sleek look.

Five: Because you’ve chosen to wear a nice solid, dark pair of leggings, you can be risky and have fun choosing your top. This is the time to pick wild colors and patterns.

So, to save yourself the awkward attention and blatant outlining of your curves, dress wisely with your leggings and don’t expose yourself.


Kristen Daily is a junior in English from Orange City, Iowa.