Letter to the editor: Pop stars are talented, too

Sarah Baugh

I am responding to the column entitled “Music can provide more than relaxation.” It was an interesting article with good points, but I was annoyed by one particular part of it: the slight at Justin Bieber. I do not know why Bieber is always under so much fire, especially from our generation. As a fan, I feel societal pressure to pretend not to like him, because my peers are so vicious about him.

However, if any of the haters actually took time to look at Bieber, they would discover how talented he really is. Though some might not like his songs, he is the lead writer on almost all of them, which is more than stars like Rihanna and Beyonce can say. Bieber is also a talented musician and was playing guitar, piano, and drums by the time he was 8 years old. He is also gifted dancer and singer, and managed to retain a huge fan base pre-puberty and post-puberty. Also, Bieber is under 20 years old and worth over $100 million. How many of the multitudes who criticize him can claim that?

I will agree that there are silly things about Bieber, but next time someone criticizes him because he is an easy target, I hope they think about how talented he actually is. In the past three years he has shown the world his great musical and entrepreneurial abilities, and if more people started noticing, I think they would learn to “Never Say Never” in regard to respecting Bieber.