Cyclone Spotlight: Nick Prenger

Cj Eilers

Nick Prenger, senior in music education, is a baritone in the Iowa State Singers and will be one of two beggars in the 48th Madrigal Dinner on Jan. 18 and 19. He will be graduating from the music education program in December and is currently planning for his student teaching semester this fall.

Q: As a beggar for the Madrigal Dinner, what is your role?

A: Well basically my role is to go around to the people who have bought tickets and sit at the table for food or money or silverware. I don’t go away hungry. Normally I don’t eat the day of, ’cause I’ll get plates of food. It’s ridiculous.

Q: Is this your first time playing a beggar for the Madrigal Dinner?

A: No, this year will be my third year doing this role. I love doing this role, absolutely love it. Mainly, because I don’t have to wear tights.

Q: The Madrigal Dinner is in its 48th year. What do you think has made it last for so long at Iowa State?

A: Well I think what has to do with its popularity is that it is so much fun. We have people that come back year after year, even if their kids aren’t involved in the show. Going along with that is we have great donors that come and support us as well.

Q: If you had to pick your favorite part of the Madrigal Dinner, what would it be?

A: I would probably have to say the theater, as well as our king is part of the faculty and he throws those one- liners. They are the same every year, but they’re funny, they are great.

Q: As you are a senior in music and graduating in December, what are your plans for student teaching?

A: Well, I have put in my two student teaching placements. I would like to do my middle school and high school in the same district. My first choice was Johnston, because it’s close to home and I really like the directors they have there. My second choice is Indianola because they have a great up and coming music program there.