Joynt: Easilydo raises $4.3M for newly released iPhone app

Jordan Joynt

Startup Easilydo has raised $4.3 million in funding from USVP and Mayfield Fund for its newly released iphone app. Easilydo is a productivity app, compiling data from Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and LinkedIn along with user’s contacts and calendar events.

“Easilydo has built a disruptive new application that will reshape the way people get things done, which will be essential in our mobile-driven world,” says Robin Vasan, Managing Director at Mayfield Fund. “Our investment in the Easilydo team underscores our belief in the talent and determination that have always brought their ideas to fruition.”

Easilydo states they protect user data and information in an encrypted form on a secured server. The app offers to complete your daily tasks with a simple tap of the ‘Do It’ button.

Easilydo describes some of the tasks the app can help users with:

  • Never miss life’s important moments: Get birthday reminders, event invites, and important social updates shared by your friends; sends your wishes, e-gifts, RSVPs, congratulations and support messages – be there for your friends.
  • Navigate your busy day easily: Get ‘time to leave’ alerts and directions to your home, work, or next appointment; auto-dial into calls; text to say ‘you’re on the way’ or ‘running late’; track packages – what you need when you need it.
  • Keep organized with zero effort: Merge duplicates in your address book, add contacts from emails, clean old deal emails, and file receipts into an email folder automatically – taking care of the niggling things that you always mean to get to and don’t.

The company monetizes their efforts using gift cards ordered through the app. Facebook’s birthday notifications are shared through Easilydo and users are given the option of purchasing a gift card through retailers like Amazon, Starbucks and Target.

“All of us are overwhelmed by the daunting number of apps that we have on our phones to keep up with our work and social lives. To solve this, Easilydo simplifies life by finding what you care about and offering to get it done for you,” says Mikael Berner, Founder and CEO, Easilydo in a press release. “People who use Easilydo rave about how much time they save and how the app helps them be a better friend and family member. Our aim is to make people feel good about taking control of their day, having less email to deal with, and eliminating the guilt of forgetting something.”

Easilydo is currently available for download in the Itunes app store.