Second Sun Tan City to replace Electric Beach Tanning


Photo: Megan Wolff/Iowa State Daily

Electric Beach Tanning went out of business recently and without warning.  

Madison Martin

Electric Beach Tanning, which had two locations in Ames, shut its doors unexpectedly recently. A second Sun Tan City location will replace the Electric Beach Tanning salon at 809 Wheeler St.

Wade Teslow, owner of Sun Tan City in Ames, is hoping for the second salon to open Jan. 15, 2013 as students return to Ames from winter break.

Electric Beach Tanning went out of business before Thanksgiving. The salon was not accredited by the Better Business Bureau at the time of its closing.

The landlord of the north location, Dave Klatt, was out of town and unable to be reached for comment Tuesday. Customers who may have had remaining credit at Electric Beach Tanning will have to purchase new credits to tan at Sun Tan City. The two businesses were not affiliated in any way.

“We are just coincidentally going into their vacant space,” Teslow said.

When asked to comment on the remaining credit issue, Cmdr. Jim Robinson of the Ames Police Department said he was unable to comment due to not knowing the specifics of the customers’ contracts at Electric Beach Tanning.

Sun Tan City credits can be used at both locations in Ames once the second salon is opened, as well as any other Sun Tan City location.