Edds: Advent season celebrates Christmas season


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Opinion: Edds 12/3

Devin Edds

Looking around campus, with the Christmas season filling the air, I find myself wondering what matters to many other ISU students at this time of year. Maybe it’s the time they will soon enjoy not buried in various textbooks? Or the time they will soon spend wrapped in the warmth of their own bed? Or the company of their friends and family? But for some, Christmas finds its way into many hearts through the very basis of their religious beliefs.

With the upcoming Christmas season already under way, my church, along with many others in the Western civilization, are beginning the preparations for the celebration of Advent. Advent is the four Sundays preceding Christmas and usually entails the arrival of a notable person, thing or event. The word itself has Latin roots originating in the meaning of “coming.”

Advent is a time for Christian-based churches to remember the first coming of Jesus and to prepare for the second. There are four colors associated with Advent — purple, rose, green and white. Purple represents penitence and fasting, as well as, symbolizing royalty for the return of the king; rose represents celebration; green represents the new and everlasting life; and white represents purity. Alongside colors, two shapes are very prevalent in Advent. These are the circle, to represent God’s eternity and mercy without a beginning or an end, and the candles, to represent the light of God through Jesus.

Each of the four Sundays preceding Christmas all hold a special meaning in the celebration of Advent. The first is for all Christians to prepare for the second coming of Christ to Earth. However, the next three Sundays all center around Saint John the Baptist. The second Sunday represents Saint John asking of Jesus if he were the true prophet to have been waiting upon and Jesus proving he was by completing various miracles. The third Sunday represents St. John reminiscing over his unworthiness to even untie Jesus’ sandals. The fourth Sunday represents St. John preaching to the people how one must prepare the path for Jesus to come so that all may see God’s salvation.

I, however, personally enjoy Advent because it is a time of unity, celebration and warm-heartedness among many different people from all walks of life. First, Advent brings members of my church together, as well as, many other churches together with my church. Secondly, Advent brings joy and celebration into the hearts of all Christians everywhere through the celebration of such a wonderful time in our religious beliefs. Finally, Advent allows an excuse for people to treat others better than they normally would. The Christmas spirit is allowed to continue the whole month long in a mixture of happiness, peace and an immense amount of caring for others. This is, personally, what I truly enjoy most about the Christmas season.