Design Expo demonstrates student work in mechanical engineering

Frances Myers

Students will have an opportunity to see design prototypes built by fellow students at the ISU Mechanical Engineering Design Expo.

The Design Expo, which will be from noon to 4 p.m. Tuesday, will be in the Howe Hall Atrium. 

According to the mechanical engineering website: “At least four mechanical engineering courses focus on a semester-long design project in which students apply their knowledge of engineering science to real problems.”

Also according to the website: “ME 270 [Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design] projects aim to support economic activity in developing regions. ME 415 [Mechanical Systems Design] projects are industrial-sponsored projects giving students a hands-on experience solving applied industrial problems. ME 466 [Multidisciplinary Engineering Design] projects connect mechanical, electrical and aerospace engineers in the solution of a single design problem. Several independent study (490) projects related to design will also be represented in this semester’s Design Expo.”

The Expo will include more than 50 class projects from the sophomore to senior levels. There will also be many hands-on demonstrations of mechanical engineering design.

It is free to the public.