Joynt: Navigation app Waze launches location-guided ads

Jordan Joynt

Community-based navigation app Waze is launching its mobile advertising platform, Waze Ads. With 30 million users sharing destination and travel information, Waze hopes to display relevant ads on each user’s particular route.

Users contribute information by typing in the address destination and leaving the app open while road and traffic data is collected. Information can also be stored by users actively sharing accident reports, police traps, or any other hazards encountered along the way.

Waze also provides up-to-date maps and data, managed by an online community of editors.

The advertising platform will allow retailers to purchase branded pins on Waze’s maps that act as interactive billboards. When users set their destination they will be able to see relevant ads along their route.

When users click on the ads, they have an option to click on the company’s website, the location’s phone number, or a button navigating them to the location.

Waze has worked with several fuel and convenience store brands to test a variety of ads. The self-serve method for basic ads works as an auction with starting prices at $1 per thousand impressions.

Waze will be launching the advertising platform with a few large companies including Dunkin Donuts, Circle K MACS, Kum & Go, Wyndham Hotels, Jamba Juice and Procter & Gamble.