Letter to the editor: Romney and Ryan represent values and integrity

Sheila Kelly

Dear Fellow Cyclones,

I have been following this political race closely for several months and will admit that it has not been enjoyable. Angry debates, blatant lies, false accusations and media biases have thrown a lot of muck onto what should be a thoughtful political race. I do not intend to rehash any mudslinging or finger pointing; I will leave that to partisan newscasters and outraged bloggers and cut to the chase.

Upon graduation, this is the country in which we will be working, living, traveling, raising children, serving in the military and so much more. We have great stake in the success of America. Do we not have common goals for a nation with a thriving economy, ample job opportunities, affordable healthcare, a strong military and a society that values bringing people up rather than pushing them down? Then I am surprised that more of my peers are not clamoring to support the team that is better educated in the national economy, has decades of experience running businesses effectively and is compassionate to our social issues. The Romney-Ryan campaign is America’s ticket to this future we all dream about, and I urge you to further consider their platform.

Mitt Romney is an upstanding, moral family man and highly successful businessman and governor. His ability to lead America into a strong economic era far surpasses the economic intelligence President Barack Obama and his advisers have shown. The economic crisis and coinciding unemployment are real issues for us, students who will be entering the workforce shortly. Romney has based his entire campaign on his ability to fix the economy and is guaranteed to focus on that issue beginning his first day in office.

Paul Ryan does P90x workouts — need I say more? As chairman of the House budget committee, Ryan was able to pass a budget in 2012 — no cakewalk in this bipartisan era. His tireless efforts to rein in spending in his home state of Wisconsin have long been successful, resulting in more affordable and accessible healthcare. In short: Ryan is the man with the plan.

Luckily for America, Romney and Ryan are not just well-versed in economics and leadership. They’re focused on family values, moral leadership, and integrity. They portray these values everyday. I am confident in Romney and Ryan and their plan to save the American dream. Give America a chance by electing Romney and Ryan on Nov. 6.