Letter to the editor: Continue forward rather than going back on the past four years

Devon Ortiz

We live in harsh times, there is no denying. 

We have experienced an economic recession. Many Americans have lost their jobs. 

Our debt is rising and the nation is divided on multiple social issues. 

To many Americans, it seems as if the calm of the storm is long gone. 

Yet despite all of these hardships, there is still hope for a brighter future. 

Since January 20, 2009, 5.2 million jobs have been created. Detroit is roaring once more. Nearly 10 million students can now receive Pell Grants for college due to increased government funding. Health care is now more affordable thus allowing 3.1 million young Americans to be insured. The War in Iraq has been brought to an end and Osama bin Laden to justice. 

We have come so far over the last four years and there is still more to be done. There are jobs that still need to be created. Troops need to be brought home. Our infrastructure and borders require maintenance, and equality must be given to all. 

Now is not the time to turn our back on all that we have achieved. We must continue to move forward.