Joynt: Twtrland provides new way to discover and connect on Twitter

Jordan Joynt

While Twitter continues to update search results, email sharing and personalization, a new social analytics tool called Twtrland will provide a way to discover new people through information about the user. A user’s profile is compiled using behavior patterns, famous words, top followers, links, replies, pictures and check-ins.

The tool displays a wide variety of data, like a pie-chart representing the context of your tweets and information about your followers broken down into categories. Follower data can be broken down to classifications based on location and average age.

Gender and age filters are determined using a machine learning process, perusing large amounts of age-based data. Location data is found using public data collected from Twitter users.

User typecasts consist of celebrities, power users, casual and novice.

Twtrland remains quiet on their methods for determining power users and celebrities. As mentioned on their website, “We have our own magic formula for deciding who is a top follower. Be aware that this list is based on users which have been generated atleast once on Twtrland, and are in the first 5000 followers of the searched user.”

Whether you are analyzing stats about your own profile or discovering new people, Twtrland will hope to become a helpful addition to the Twitterverse.