Nightlife: Update your style from summer sun to fall fun

Korrie Bysted

As much as we hate to admit it, summer is over, and it is time for fall. With each season comes a change in our go-to fashion trends.

Big trends for women this fall are red lips, blues and earthy tones, military jackets, sparkling trousers, leather, Peplums, padded hips, and fur accents.

For men, there are earth-toned colors, beards, leather pants, all-over prints, high-waisted pants, velvet and fur.

Now the question is how do you incorporate these trends into your going out attire? Here are a few suggestions to get your fall wardrobe up to date.

Let’s start with the ladies.

Fall has begun and before long it will be winter. So the age-old question of how to stay warm and look cute at the same time is back into play. This fall, the answer is fur accents.

You can still wear your tight skirts and sheer shirts, but add a jacket with some fur on it for extra warmth and a little bit of edge.

If fur just isn’t your thing, you can always add a military jacket to your outfit for a little bit rougher look that will keep you warm in the colder weather.

One of this fall’s favorite trends is the sparkling trouser — which you’ll find to be sheer with shorts underneath.

One way to bring this style from runway to Lincoln Way is by wearing a cute but casual V-neck shirt to tone down the pants a little, while still keeping a modern and edgy look.

The next big trend on the list is the oh-so-coveted peplum style. This season, emphasis

on the hips is huge: From padded hips to structured hips to peplums themselves, you won’t see anything else more, well, hip.

The problem is that this is a tough look to pull of in general, and it is by far the hardest to incorporate into your nightlife attire.

With this trend being so far out there, the best thing to do is start small. Go for a tight skirt with a peplum at the top. And then once you get that look down and feel comfortable, start trying out looks with padded hips.

Leather is another big trend this season.

For men, it’s leather pants.

For ladies its leather everything.

The all-leather look is definitely in this fall, but if that’s not for you, try a leather bustier underneath a sheer button up top for a fun, but flirty, look.

There is the so-called fashion rule that says you can’t wear blue and black together.

However, this season’s royal blue will look perfect with a black body-con skirt. Turquoise will play into the nightlife perfectly: You might even wear it with those sparkly trousers we talked about earlier.

Earth tones are always in

for fall, just make sure you choose rich shades that don’t wash you out.

Last but not least are those sexy, red lips.

You can wear any shade from ox blood to crimson, and

it is guaranteed to add a splash of sexiness to any outfit.

Guys: When you want to class things up a little bit, try throwing on a velvet blazer or overcoat.

High-waisted pants and all-over prints may be a little obnoxious for the nightlife scene, but don’t let that stop you from trying those looks out during the day. Leather pants, however, are perfect for night time.


So as you put your summer clothes away for the fall and begin to update your wardrobe in plans for the colder weather, take into account the latest trends and turn them from runway perfect to Lincoln Way edgy.