Funny costumes for you, your partner and friends

Kelsey Roehrich

Halloween is the time of year for couples to get creative, and the best way to have a memorable time is to keep your friends laughing at you all night long.

On Halloween you will see the traditional couple costumes — cop and prisoner, doctor and nurse, ketchup and mustard, and salt and pepper, all over the place. 

This year, think outside of the box.

You want people to think you are the perfect couple, and what better way than to dress up as one.

Ronald McDonald and Wendy are the perfect match and will leave all of your friends craving a Big Mac and a Frosty.

You won’t see a Facebook without a Twitter close by. This social media power couple is sure to get some likes, and even some retweets next year.

There is no better way to show everyone how clean and happy your relationship is than to go as soap and a loofah, or a shower and bather. These costumes will definitely stir up some suds.

If you and your significant other are constantly debating on your political views, there is nothing more relevant right now than Romney and Obama. 

If you are ready to talk politics all night, these costumes will be a great conversation starter.

Everything is funnier in numbers; if you are going to a costume party, you may want to find some friends and other couples to partake in a group costume.

Everyone loves Pac-Man; have someone dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man, then have the rest of your group dress as the colored ghosts. You can have a constant game of tag going on all night for added fun.

There are many other costumes that can be done in masses such as, minions from the movie, Despicable Me, Cruella de Vil and the dog catchers with their “101 Dalmatians” or “Toddlers and Tiaras.”

Get creative this year and keep your friends laughing. You and your partner are guaranteed to be the life of any party you attend this Halloween.