New study abroad in Greece option gives new opportunities to Ag students

Korrie Bysted

This year there is a new study abroad program for students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

This study abroad trip will take students to Greece, where they will develop a marketing plan for a new Greek brewed tea product, which is set to launch in the New York and Boston markets this May, according to the website for the ISU Agriculture Study Abroad program.

The name of this study abroad is the Spring 2013 Travel Course to Greece. There is a $10 application fee. 

This trip is a unique experience that students can’t get anywhere else, said Stacey Noe, the program’s contact person.

“Ag and Life Sciences [students] don’t have much course work that relates to ag marketing,” Noe said. “If [students] want to go into ag marketing, this is where they can get experience.”

This trip is unique in the way that it gives students a real life job experience on how to market a product.

“In a classroom, students don’t have the opportunity to take an international product and learn what it takes to market that product,” Noe said.

Students also have the opportunity to travel around Greece and talk to other businesses.

Halfway through the trip and at the end, they present their work to a board of directors.

This is a three credit class in the spring semester. The course number that correlates with Iowa State’s course Econ 496. The application deadline is Nov. 15.

The program contacts are Noe and Kevin Kimle. 

Information, including the full price of the trip, can be found on the Agriculture Study Abroad website.

The program is going to be small — maybe only 10 to 12 students, Noe said.

This is because students will be working in small groups to find a way to market the Greek tea product.

In general, study abroad experiences are helpful when students need to gain real world experience and learn about different cultures.

Study abroad trips can help students get an internship or job because they provide a good example of something to talk about at an interview or even at the career fair when you’re talking to recruiters.

It also adds to a resume and broadens a student’s horizons. 

A study abroad can be a priceless experience because of the variety of benefits gained from it.

Going on a study abroad trip like this one could really help a student decide if they are currently in the right major for them.

It can also help you figure out what skills you might need to work on before you get your first “grown up job.”

The Greece study abroad program for Agriculture and Life Science students has the possibility of teaching the students who participate many things.

Besides hopefully giving you experience that you can use in the real world and at the career fair to make good first impressions with potential employers, studying abroad is fun.

The best part about studying abroad is being able to experience different cultures and going to all the tourist traps — just so you can say you’ve been there.