Nightlife: Tailgating attire

Korrie Bysted

The leaves are starting to change colors, the temperature is starting to drop and all anyone can think about is football.

Yes, football season technically started a few weeks ago, but for me it’s all about the weather. When the leaves start to fall that’s when I know football season is underway.

I always enjoy watching Iowa State fight for victory, but my favorite part about football is tailgating.

Now being from Wisconsin, I like to think I know a thing or two about this particular subject.  

Let me just start off by saying that while I could tell you all about what makes a good tailgate, I’m not going to.

I am, however, going to tell you what makes a good tailgating outfit. I like to start with some basics and play them up a little bit.

I suggest having five key pieces that you can mix and match for different games.

1. A pair of jeans or leggings (Red or gold ones if your feeling extra trendy)

2. An ISU T-shirt or T-shirt dress

3. A cardinal and gold scarf

4. An ISU jersey

5. A red jacket or sweatshirt

There are five important accessories to have as well:

1. A red and yellow headband, preferably sparkly

2. Boots

3. A flower pin for your hair

4. Face stickers or tattoos

5. Bead necklaces

Now that we have the basics and the accessories, let’s put a few sample outfits together so you can all wow everyone at your next tailgate.

Outfit No. 1            

Red Jeans

ISU jersey




Outfit No. 2

T-shirt dress


Face stickers



Outfit No. 3






Outfit No. 4




Face stickers


Outfit No. 5



Bead Necklaces

Flower Hairpin



These are just some examples of how to mix and match the basics above.

Feel free to have some fun with your tailgating attire and add in your own fun accessories or clothes. I have friends that like to wear skirts with reconstructed T-shirts.

Just remember that whatever you wear, change before you go out after the game, unless we win, because in that case, you better show off our victory and celebrate with pride.