Couple costumes for you and your sweetheart

Ashley Hunt

It’s that costuming time of year again: the time when friends and couples everywhere get together and think of some creative costume ideas to show off and have some fun Halloween night.

So while you’re out celebrating, why not try to steer clear of the same old costumes you see every year? 

How about celebrating Halloween with your special someone by dressing up

as one of your favorite couples. Here are some of our favorite ideas. 

Danny and Sandy from ‘Grease’

Who doesn’t love this singing duo from popular ‘70s musical, “Grease”? And don’t forget to practice your favorite “Grease” songs to belt-out throughout the night.

Sandy: All you’ll need is some tight, black leather pants or black leggings and a tight, black tank or tee. Add a leather jacket to keep warm. Don’t forget your red pumps and hot red lipstick. Last, but not least — your hair. Tease it, curl it, whatever — just make sure it’s big.

Danny: To perfect your Danny look, just throw on some black jeans or slacks, a white or plain black T-shirt, and of course the leather jacket. Add a T-Birds logo to make it official, and don’t forget to gel your hair. 

Cleopatra and Antony

A historically romantic couple is a great way to channel your own inner romance. For a last minute costume, just get some white sheets, drape them around yourself and cut away. Add gold jewelry and headbands to pull this couple off in a hurry.

William and Kate

Perhaps the newest power couple around the world, William and Kate are the perfect couple to dress up as to harness romance with your own special someone.

Try dressing as them on their big day — the day of the royal wedding.

Kate: Any white dress will do. If you really get into the details, try to copy Kate’s dress. Long-sleeve lace and a white dress flowing to the ground. Don’t forget a tiara.

William: For a simple way to dress as this prince, just put on some black slacks. Add a long-sleeve red T-shirt or a red button up. Most importantly, a royal blue sash and brown belt completes the outfit.

Meredith and Derek from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

One of TV’s favorite couples today is Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd from “Grey’s Anatomy.” Add your own twist to the everyday doctor-nurse Halloween costume. Just make sure Meredith wears light blue scrubs underneath her white lab coat, and Derek dons the dark blue.

The bachelor/bachelorette and contestant

Another one of America’s favorite TV shows filled with romance is the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette.” Dressing like the final couple of this reality show is easy. 

First, you’ll need to choose who is going to be the bachelor or bachelorette, and who is going to be the contestant. Girls, just wear your dressiest evening gown. Guys, a suit or tux. Last but not least, don’t forget the final rose and a big rock on that left hand. Be prepared to say: “Do you accept this rose?” a few times during the night to really get into character.

No matter which costume you choose, a night spent having fun with your significant other will be a night to remember. By dressing up as some of the most romantic couples of today and yesterday, you’ll be sure to not only have fun, but a romantic evening. Happy Halloween.