Joynt: LG announces slider tablet and all-in-one PC

Jordan Joynt

With the upcoming release of Windows 8, LG has revealed a pair of PCs, each running Microsoft’s newest operating system. The H160 is LG’s first sliding tablet and the V325 is a multitouch all-in-one PC.

The H160 has a built-in keyboard and an 11.6 inch IPS multitouch display. The screen will also be compatible with LG’s Smart Touch Pen.

It will include a USB port, a microSD slot for additional storage, and an HDMI output for a secondary display.

The tablet will be set to compete with similar hybrid tablets like the Sony Vaio Duo 11 and Toshiba’s U925t Ultrabook.

The V325 all-in-one PC features a 23-inch IPS display with 10-point touch sensitivity. Some of the hardware specs include an Intel Core i5 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GT640M graphics card.

The PC also combines an integrated TV tuner which can work as a stand-alone feature without powering on the PC.

International release dates for the PCs have yet to be announced by LG. Windows 8 is set to be released on Oct. 26.