Nightlife: How to have fun as a DD

Kelsey Roehrich

Friends don’t let friendsdrive drunk. Designated drivers: If you’re drinking, you’ll need one. 

When asked to be the designated driver students might dread the idea of having to be sober for one whole night, but these ISU students say it is possible to still have a great night and be safe at the same time.

“I get drunk off of everyone else’s drunkenness, but the difference is I can sober up before I get in a car,” said Gina Sapienza, sophomore in pre-business.

Sapienza said she chooses not to drink on weekends, and she still finds ways to have a great time going out to parties with her friends that are drinking.

“Don’t take life too seriously,” she said, “because you are going to get pissed off by some drunk people.”

Sapienza said it does get annoying, however, when people say they respect the fact she doesn’t drink and then five minutes later are trying to get her to drink.

“We don’t judge people who drink at all,” said Jaime Freiburger, sophomore in kinesiology and nutrition.

Sapienza and Freiburger both said they feel their decision not to drink shouldn’t affect anyone else. 

It is a personal life choice, and everyone has the right to their own choices, without judgment.

“I’m a people pleaser,” Freiburger said. “Part of having a good time, for me, is making sure that everyone else is having a good time.”

Freiburger said she actually likes taking care of people and driving them home or to go and get food.

“A bunch of drunk people at Perkins can be pretty entertaining,” Freiburger said.

The car ride itself doesn’t have to be a bore either. Sapienza suggests always having some good CDs in the car — music can make any road trip exciting. 

Sapienza said she usually prefers some ‘90s and country tunes to add excitement to the car ride.

“Make sure it’s not your car,” Sapienza said, “because people are going to be puking everywhere, and you are not going to want to clean that up.”

Other than driving around and jamming out, there are also things you can do while physically at a party to ensure you have a good time among all the other drunk party-goers.

“Water is a life saver,” Sapienza said.

You can play flippy cup with water, take shots of water, do elbow waters and play beer pong with water, Sapienza said. Any alcohol can be replaced with water — or any other nonalcoholic beverage — so you don’t have to sit out of the fun drinking game everyone else is playing.

“You’re going to have to get yourself some cappuccinos,” Sapienza said. “I prefer french vanilla.”

Coffee keeps you awake and hypes you up so you can keep up with everybody else, Sapienza said.

“It’s easy to meet new people because the ice is already broken,” Freiburger said.

Freiburger said it is so much fun to meet people and make new friends on weekends, because everyone is in such a good mood.

“Let loose at parties but be serious in the car,” Sapienza said. “It’s a big job: People trust you with their lives.”

There are also a few added bonuses to being the designated driver during weekends.

Most importantly you can avoid looking like a “hot mess” and you know you will be safe from any bad or embarrassing photos of you wasted at that party last weekend getting posted on the Internet, Freiburger said.

Also — just imagine — a Saturday morning with no hangover.

“I just cannot afford to get hangovers,” Freiburger said. “I don’t have the time.”

A student’s main focus should be on doing well in school, and being the DD is a way to ensure you can have fun and still get up in the morning ready to work.

“I should start charging people,” Sapienza said.

A DD can make money, and people are drunk so they actually are willing to pay you, she said.

“I have a rule that everyone in the car has to buy me something from McDonald’s,” Freiburger said.

It can be a fun time, as well very rewarding, to be the DD for the night.

Next time it’s up for debate on who has to do the “chore” of being DD, you might want to reconsider your answer and change that “no” to a big fat “yes.”