Vice presidential candidate for Socialist Workers Party stops by Ames


Photo courtesy of David Rosenfeld

Socialist Workers Party

Solomon Keithley

Maura DeLuca is running for vice president as the representative from the Socialist Workers Party. The presidential candidate she is running with is James Harris, a veteran trade unionist and a longstanding member of the National Committee of the Socialist Workers Party.

DeLuca stopped by Iowa State on Saturday, Oct. 27, to get her message out about her party. The Socialist Workers Party is dedicated to the working class. Some main topics they support are Cuba’s socialist revolution, defending immigrants rights and supporting a woman’s right to abortion.

“The main goal is to unify the working class,” DeLuca said. “Give a voice to the working class in the elections, which we otherwise don’t have.”

DeLuca then commented on how her party would work to create jobs, and further the economy.

“[We have] the perspective of fighting together for a big government funded jobs program,” DeLuca said. “Its not going to be any one person getting into office, its going to be fights in the millions. If enough people get together and fight for a real government funded jobs program, for things we need the most … as with anything else, it would take millions of people demanding this; and its something we need.”

DeLuca then continued on to talk about educational funding and student loans.

“I think all education should be public and free,” DeLuca said, “I was in school in the late ’90s, and it amazes me how much public school tuition has gone up since then. More and more students find themselves getting out of school racked with debt and can’t find a job a lot of times.”

The Socialist Workers Party has many different sources and ways to learn more about the party. It has a newsweekly called “The Militant” and a website:

The Socialist Workers Party has a building in Des Moines, at 3707 Douglas Ave., where they have biweekly conferences.