Nightlife: Go-to fashions for every bar

Korrie Bysted

We all know we can walk into any bar in jeans and a nice shirt and not be criticized too much for what we’re wearing.

But what is it that makes it acceptable for most bars but then in some you feel like you need to dress up a little more?

Well, here in Ames, we have quite a few bars, and I’m sure many of you know each of them pulls in a different crowd.

While it is definitely possible to wear the same thing to Cafe Mood and Outlaws, you might get some funny looks from some people.

Here’s a little guide to help you dress appropriately for each bar and to help avoid those funny looks.

Lets begin at Outlaws: A place known for their country music and cowboy boots.

In order to “fit in” with this crowd, you’re going to want to wear jeans. And ladies, the more rhinestones the better.

Now to go with your jeans I would suggest a flannel shirt for the fall/winter months and maybe just a nice T-shirt for when it’s a little warmer out.

Guys: don’t forget your hats.

Girls love guys who wear cowboy hats, but baseball caps are acceptable too.

Now let’s move on to those good ol’ Irish and low key bars: Charlie Yokes, Paddy’s, and Mickey’s, just to name a few.

Here, to match your style to the typical crowd, stick with the jeans, but dress them up a little more with a dressy top and some cute flats or heels.

Guys, try wearing a nicer pair of jeans with a nice shirt.

Next lets talk about Welch Ave. Station and Es Tas.

The male crowd often times likes to show up in colored pants or khakis and a nice shirt.

Think stereotypical “preppy” style for these bars.

Moving on to the slightly dressier bars, Cy’s, Cafe Mood and Sips.

These places have more of a club atmosphere, so wear your high heels and dress up in a cute body-con skirt or dress and get ready to dance the night away.

Folks: Just remember that this is Ames.

So don’t worry too much about what you’re wearing and whether you’re going to “fit in” at your favorite bar. You’ll honestly see just about everything anywhere.

Either way, just go out and enjoy the night.