Search continues for associate director of the Memorial Union

Elizabeth Polsdofer

The search for the new associate director of the Memorial Union is on.

In the final forum of a three part series, Corey Williamson, the associate director of programs of the Joe Crowley Student Union at the University of Nevada, Reno, visited the Memorial Union to discuss why he is the best fit for job.

“Part of it is the role of the position, it’s very influential in the building of the community on campus,” Williamson said. “I take a lot of pride in taking care of a facility and all of the things that come along with this role and position.”

Rebecca Dee, program assistant at the Memorial Union, is a part of the team that is working to find the new associate director.

“I am the human resource representative for the Memorial Union in collaboration with the director of the Memorial Union and the search committee; we have a search committee for each position that we have,” Dee said. “I am a non-voting member and am glad to direct the search committee in regards to what the director shall want for this position.”

The details of what is desired in the new associate director is up for discussion during the forums. Forums are a tool used to inform all members of the ISU community so input can be given on what they desire in the positions that need to be filled.

Williamson talked with the forum on Tuesday, Sept. 4. Prior to the forum, Williamson said he was looking forward to talking with members of the ISU community.

“It will be interesting to see [the forum]. I’m not sure what the layout is, but I’m anticipating there will be plenty of questions,” Williamson said. “I look forward to getting the feel of what the expectations will be.”

Williamson said he is looking forward to returning to the Midwest. Williamson admitted the geographic location was a part of the appeal in taking a position at Iowa State.

“I love the Midwest; I’m originally from Kansas. I love the green, the outside, you know, all that,” Williamson said. “Right now, I’m in Reno, and it’s pretty brown.”

If made the associate director of the Memorial Union, Williamson said he hopes to impact student life and add to the spirit that Iowa State imparts in its students and staff.

“I take a lot of pride in helping students and my support for students. I appreciate what I’ve learned about the ISU culture,” Williamson said. “ISU has a lot traditions, and they take a lot of pride in being ISU; that’s something that’s unique here and I look forward to possibly being a part of that.”