New club brings campaign to greek community

Nathaniel Bucsko

Greeks for Obama, a new group on campus, has aims of encouraging ISU students to become involved in the president’s campaign and also to educate students about the election process.

The group just started meeting last week and has created several social network accounts to spread the word about what they are trying to do.

This group is made up entirely of members of the greek community at Iowa State. 

The students plan to have events leading up to the election in an attempt to market the group to other greek students, as well as to help them meet other greek students, both within the group and outside of it.

J.J. Gardner, senior in industrial engineering, said the group was made not only to educate other students about President Barack Obama’s campaign efforts but also about why the vote in Iowa is so crucial to the outcome of the election.

“Iowa is a strong swing state in this election,” Gardner said. “A lot of important issues affect the demographic of young, college-educated adults.”

Gardner said the group’s primary goal for the time being is to simply encourage ISU students to get out and vote this November. 

Gardner also said the group’s short-term goals include simply growing every day and establishing awareness through social media, brand presentation and on-campus events.

Brian Good, junior in political science and one of the leaders of the group, said that one big purpose for the group’s creation is to educate fellow students on all the president has done thus far, and also what his plans involve going forward. 

Good is a member of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity and has done several events with the Obama campaign already, including when Obama came and spoke on Central Campus earlier this fall.

“This election is extremely important because of the great contrast in people and platforms that are running for president,” Good said.

Good also said his interest in starting Greeks for Obama stemmed from stereotypes held by people about the greek community.

“I started this organization because I think for several years, there has been a misconception of greek communities being predominantly conservative from a political standpoint,” he said. “However, I have seen for myself that there are many greek students here on campus that recognize what President Obama has done for us and why his policies best serve our interests and needs as students.”

Good said he hopes the group can unite his peers as they prepare for the November election and plans on hosting events both on and off campus and utilizing social media to get the word out about the group.

Good also said the group plans on making shirts to support the group, and the shirts will then be distributed to students on campus throughout the fall.

Greeks for Obama currently has a Twitter account and Facebook page.