SAE issues not limited to Iowa State

Gibson Akers

The greek fraternity of Sigma Alpha Epsilon has been accused of hazing and other violations at several universities and colleges across the country during the past year.

Here at Iowa State, members have been for violating the “gentlemen creed” of SAE.

At the University of Iowa, the SAE chapter was closed last week due to hazing and failure to comply with guidelines, according to a statement from the SAE Headquarters. All members of the chapter have been expelled from the fraternity with all membership privileges revoked. The statement from both the university and national headquarters did not specifically disclose how severe were the incidents that involved with the chapter.

The SAE chapter at Cornell University in New York was shut down after a pledge died from consuming too much alcohol. According to Cornell University, the SAE chapter there had violated the university’s fraternity and sorority policies.

At Dartmouth College, the SAE chapter was found guilty of violating the colleges hazing policy and has been put on a three-year probation. According to the college, the chapter had made pledges drink alcohol, swim through a pool filled with unknown substances, among other activities.

Here at Iowa State, several members had been suspended because the members actions did not reflect the “gentlemen creed” of SAE, according to a statement release by SAE National Headquarters. The exact number of members, along with specific reasons to why these members have been suspended, has yet to be published for the public.

“The three most common reasons to why members are suspended are their behaviors, violations to the risk management policy, and delinquency.” said, SAE spokesman Brandon Weghorst.

“The decision to suspend the members came from the (SAE) chapter not the university.” said, Interim-Director of Greek Affairs Sara Kellogg.

If you have any information about this incident involving SAE, please contact the Daily.