Pie a Pi Phi for philanthropy

Lindsay Hostert

Although it proved to be a rainy and cold day, the members of Pi Beta Phi sorority showed the weather would be no match for their event, “Pie a Pi Phi.”

The event took place Monday, Sept. 17, on Central Campus, where the girls of Pi Beta Phi and other students were seen hurling whipped-cream pies at each other. Students stopped to take note as the sorority members played music, danced in the rain and worked to raise awareness for their philanthropy, “Read. Lead. Achieve.”

“It seems like a lot of people are really excited,” said Sarah Gamble, junior in early childhood education and vice president philanthropy for Pi Beta Phi.

Students were lining up just outside of Curtiss Hall to throw a pie at one of the sorority’s members. 

“It’s definitely something unique, not something you see on campus every day,” Gamble said. 

This event generated awareness and raised money for “Read. Lead. Achieve.” The organization works toward a more literate society and focuses mainly on literacy in children and young adults.

“‘Read. Lead. Achieve.’ is like a big umbrella with a lot of smaller philanthropies underneath it,” said Lauren Furgiuele, junior in dietetics and a member of Pi Beta Phi. “It includes ‘First Book,’ which provides children in needy families with children’s books.”

Even with the unfortunate weather, the sorority’s members were still thrilled about this event.

When asked what her favorite part about “Pie a Pi Phi” was, Jordan Masters, sophomore in open option and member of Pi Beta Phi, said, “It’s been a blast to see how excited people are to pie you in the face.”

Masters was seen with whipped cream smeared in her hair and said: “People were really excited about this event. It was cool to see people coming to support us in the rain.”

All of the ladies worked together on this event and were even more excited to see how all of the students were involved, as well.

“People were bringing us stuff to put in the pies, like gummy worms,” Masters said. “It was super funny.”

The students on campus were taking the time to stop by and not only get to launch a whipped cream pie into the face of one of the sorority members but also to contribute to a cause.