Kramer-Marks Equine Seminar

Frances Myers

On Thursday, Sept. 6, Anthony Webber will lecture for the Kramer-Marks Equine Seminar, titled, “Lameness Diagnosis In Horses: A Forty-Year Perspective.” The lecture will last from noon until 1 p.m.

During this lecture, Webber will be describing his system of evaluating lame horses, with some reflections on his career in equine practice.

Webber has spent nine years following thoroughbred race horses in Alberta, Canada. During this time, he did track work and practiced equine orthopedics.

Webber graduated from Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in 1971. He spent four months in equine practices in New York and Kentucky before moving to Alberta to pursue a career at the racetrack.

In 1978, Webber, along with his partners, built a large state-of-the-art clinic and surgery facility with emphasis on equine lameness, surgery and reproduction.

“In 1993, the clinic initiated an internship program, after many years of enjoying veterinary students visit from all over the world. The three partner/owners of the practice have been together as classmates, roommates and pre-vet classmates since 1966,” according to the College of Veterinary Medicine website.

Lunch will be provided to all attendees. There is no cost to attend. The seminar will be in 2226 Veterinary Medicine.