Regents to discus tuition set aside

Dan Mackenzie

The Iowa Board of Regents will be meeting Wednesdays at Iowa State. Big-ticket items will be the quarterly report on crime statistics at the three regent schools, and the committee report on the program known as tuition set-aside.

The recently controversial set-aside program takes money from student tuition at the three state schools in Iowa, and sets it aside to pay for scholarships and grants for other students who may otherwise not have funding to attend college.

Critics say considering the current financial crisis, the increased tuition for Iowans to support the program is unconscionable. Supporters say the program promotes upward mobility for individuals who may not otherwise attend college. The committee’s report will include recommendations for possible alternative funding to continue the financial support.

The board will be meeting from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Sun Room at the Memorial Union. Students may notice a bit more crowding in the building during these hours, as well as increased traffic in parking lots and garages.