Game Notes – NOT DONE

Dean Berhow-Goll

IOWA CITY – Even though 9-6 doesn’t seem like an exciting or fun to watch game, the three-point victory over the Hawkeyes certainly was another entertaining chapter added to the Cy-Hawk football rivalry. 

“It’s a great victory. I’m very proud of our kids,” said ISU coach Paul Rhoads. “Two teams that hung around and perservered and then jumped at the opportunity to win a football game.”

On the first drive, Jantz stayed hot carrying over from last week’s game against Tulsa, completing all five of his passes, with his one incompletion being negated by a pass interference call. The drive was capped off with a touchdown pass to Aaron Horne over the middle. 

Jantz finished the half 16-23 for 163 yards with a touchdown and an interception. In the first quarter alone, Jantz was 7-7 for 63 yards and a touchdown. In the second quarter he took a few shots down the field to a few open receivers, but over threw each time. 

In the second half, the Iowa defense made adjustments to slow down the passing game and the run game by stunting with defensive lineman rushing the passer and press coverage on the outside to negate quick passes Iowa State took advantage of in the first half. A majority of those short passes in the first half were caught by Aaron Horne who had five catches for 66 yards and a score in the first two quarters alone. 

Iowa State was only able to muster 110 yards of offense in the second half. Jantz accounted for three turnovers; two INTs and a fumble that came in a confusion exchange between Jantz and James White. Iowa State gave away three turnovers in the red zone, which made Jantz admit he felt lucky sitting there after the game with a win and left him focusing on praising his defense’s performance.

“Obviously we had some turnovers and some mistakes,” Jantz said. “I can’t stress it enough. The defense did a huge job for us today. It’s beyond fortunate and that’s why so much credit goes to the defense because any time you have three turnovers in the red zone and leave that many points on the field, it’s tough for the defense.”

Even with Jantz struggling with his first trip to Kinnick Stadium, Rhoads was quick to back his quarterback’s play. 



defining moments – goal line/knott pick


Jantz bad

GEORGE-Huge play. Fingertip-type of play. The funny thing about Jeremiah George, he’s usually the one that’s out of control. He was quite the contrary today. He was focused, he was calm, he was in and out with base and nickel and that’s why you make a play like that (tipped pass) with the game on the line, because you’re focused. 

WASHINGTON- He’s such a field general for our football team. He’s not the slickest athlete, again he hates it when I say that baout him