Greeks Go Green cleans up Lake LaVerne


photo: Jonathan Krueger/Iowa State Daily

Debris floats in Lake LaVerne. The Greeks Go Green group spent Sunday, Sept. 23, cleaning up Lake LaVerne for the Keep Iowa State Beautiful project on campus.

Jared Raney

One of Iowa State’s most iconic landmarks, Lake LaVerne, received a makeover this weekend. Members of the Greeks Go Green group organized a cleanup of the area around the lake from 3 to 5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 23.

Brian Skalak and Taylor Gaffney are part of the group, which met on the east side of the lake near the Memorial Union. The cleanup was open to anyone with Iowa State supplying the group with gloves and bags.

The cleanup is part of the group’s involvement with the Adopt Campus Program, which is part of the Keep Iowa State Beautiful project organized by Iowa State. Les Lawson, manager of facilities maintenance of Campus Services, believes the program has been effective.

“The hope is that our campus becomes more beautiful,” Lawson. “You don’t see the trash like we used to, so it is helping.”

The Adopt Campus program was put together to give students a chance to connect with Iowa State and improve the overall attractiveness of the campus. The program began several years ago when littering became an important issue on the grounds.

“Our ultimate goal is … to get the word out that this is your campus,” Lawson said. “Please help take care of it.”

As adopters of a landmark, the student group is expected to monitor the site and provide routine cleanup. The Keep Iowa State Beautiful program hopes to not only keep these areas clean but also to raise an awareness of environmentally friendly practices.

“The Adopt Campus program is awesome,” Skalak said. “It’s a great way for any kind of group to give back to the university.”