Romney describes five-step plan to restore America

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney speaks to a crowd of more than 400 people Wednesday, Aug. 8, in the Central Campus auditorium in Des Moines. Romney was in town for a fundraiser the night before. 

Katherine Klingseis

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney used a campaign event in Des Moines Wednesday, Aug. 8 to describe his five-step plan to get America back on its feet.

About 400 people packed into an air-conditionerless auditorium at Central Campus in Des Moines Wednesday morning to hear the former Massachusetts governor speak. Several local officials took the stage prior to Romney to share information about Des Moines and local politics.

U.S. House Rep. Tom Latham stepped on the stage to talk about the importance of Iowans voting in the November election because “every road to the White House runs through Iowa.”

“Eighty-nine days, folks, and we can change the world,” Latham said.

When Romney took the stage, he began his speech with speaking briefly about the drought affecting the country and the recent shooting at a Wisconsin Sikh temple, saying “our hearts go out to them and their community across the nation.”

Romney moved on to discussing ways in which Pres. Barack Obama has not delivered on his promises, including lowering the unemployment rate and reducing the cost of health insurance.

“People are tired of being tired,” Romney said.

Romney said Obama and his administration are making it harder for future generations to prosper. He said future generations will have to deal with the deficit being created by the current generation.

“I think it’s immoral to continue to spend money….” Romney said, getting cut off by a loud applause from the audience.

Romney then explained his five-step plan to restore America, stating that the United States is “on the verge of an extraordinary rebound with good jobs and incomes.”

The first step of Romney’s plan is to “take advantage of America’s extraordinary energy resources.” His second step is to improve the American education system so that “adults and kids have skills they need to succeed.”

Improving how the United States trades with other countries, especially Latin American countries, is the third step of Romney’s plan. The fourth step in improving the country is cutting the deficit, Romney said. He received a standing ovation when he said he would end Obamacare.

The final step of Romney’s plan is to help small businesses succeed, Romney explained. He said if all five steps are followed, the United States will see the creation of 12 million jobs and an increase of incomes for Americans.