2. The Pep Rally

Ashley Hunt

Pep Rally

The year of 1912, the first homecoming, marked the first year Iowa State held a homecoming pep rally. 

The meeting was held in Curtiss Auditorium and proved to be a huge success. Pep rallys became a main Homecoming event in the following years, and a bonfire was added to the event as well.

The pep rally evolved into a barbecue in the year of 1930. Approximately 3,000 students attended the pep barbecue, called “Hamburgers for Homecoming.” 

The Homecoming pep rally, barbecue and bonfire was held in several different locations throughout the years, including State Field and the Beardshear parking lot among others, until moving to its current location — Central Campus.

Different activities have been added and taken away from the event throughout the years, but many activities have been a major part of the pep rally for decades. The football coaches and players still give speeches, Yell Like Hell finals are still held during the pep rally, and performances from the ISU Dance Team, Cheerleaders and Cy still bring the ‘pep’ to the rally.

The pep rally is held the Friday night of Homecoming and is not only a conclusion of the weeks festivities, but a way for Cyclone fans to get excited for the football game held the next day.