Ivy College of Business to launch new graduate programs


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Columnist Peyton Hamel believes students will find success if they only go for the opportunities they can put true passion behind and draw happiness from. Hamel tells students to let their passion decide their path outside of rigid plans and checklists. 

Amber Mohmand

Two new programs will launch this week as a way to help workers and alumni grow in their careers. 

The Ivy College of Business will launch three programs — the master of business analytics, master of real estate development (MRED) and the Ivy executive MBA (EMBA) — with the master of business analytics will launch its program Wednesday through Sunday. 

Jacquelyn Rees Ulmer, associate dean of the Ivy College of Business, said the programs are geared towards graduates that already have experience within their career fields and are looking to move up within their companies. 

Business analytics is an interdisciplinary graduate program, with classes coming from different fields such as computer science and industrial and manufacturing systems engineering, focusing on data analytics and business intelligence.

The goal of the program is to provide a foundation within the field of business analytics by building skills such as statistical and data analysis within a capstone team environment. This will allow students to train in areas such as process improvement and fraud detection as well as other skills within the field.

The MRED program will launch Aug. 5 through Aug. 9. Created with the College of Design. The program will focus on preparing students for the real estate industry, and will include classes ranging from real estate market analysis to construction science and urban planning. 

“The more educated people can be about the various parts of [of real estate], really the better outcomes we should have,” Ulmer said. “People should make better finance decisions, better investing decisions, better zoning and architecture decisions. We feel that overall this should be beneficial for everyone in that community.” 

The EMBA program will begin Aug. 19 and continue through Aug. 23, and will focus on students who have experience in their field that are looking to move up to the executive position of their companies. The 21-month program will focus in the area of food, agriculture and biosystems.

“[The EMBA program] is designed specifically for rising executives — so these are people that usually have at least five years — but usually more — more work experience, and they are very close or already may be in what we call the ‘C-Suite’ so going to chief officer positions from the companies,” Ulmer said.

The graduate programs will focus on hybrid learning by including areas within the online classroom and physical classroom. More information about the programs can be found on the Ivy College of Business’ website

Editor’s Note:  An earlier version of this article included an incorrect amount of the new programs. The article as since been updated to add the correct amount of new programs. The Daily regrets the error.