New adventures begin at Destination Iowa State

Destination Iowa State 2012 kicks off Thursday, Aug. 16, at Hilton Coliseum. Thousands of students participated in the ISU cheers along with the Cyclone marching band.

Elizabeth Polsdofer

Destination Iowa State, a program designed to integrate new students into their adventure at Iowa State, proved to be the hot spot of new students as the line to register for Destination Iowa State stretched several hundred feet full of brand new Cyclones.

Each new Cyclone came to Iowa State with their own adventure prior to their life as a student, and each brought with them hopes for their future.

“For me it’s meeting new people and starting a new chapter of my life,” said Alysa Stukel, freshman in pre-business who is in interested supply chain management. “I got big scholarships to come here so it’s pretty cheap — it was cheaper than all the other schools I was looking at. It also has a nice location, the campus is gorgeous, whether it’s in the fall or the winter. Every time I came here it felt like people wanted me to come here, and they felt enthusiastic about the school so it made me think: ‘Oh, this is great!’”

Iowa State markets to students of all levels, from undergraduate students to postdoctoral fellows, that the value of their time as a Cyclone comes not just from their educational degree but the adventures in which they partake.

“I’m excited for the large school experience: football games and everything like that,” said Morgan Juraco, sophomore in agriculture and life sciences exploration. Juraco transferred from a small private liberal arts college and said the desire of going to a larger university was a selling point to transfer to Iowa State.

“I love the campus,” Juraco said. “I love how they have so many specialities and it’s a good distance from home.”

Stukel was not alone in saying she felt especially welcome when she visited campus as a prospective student. Elizabeth Kraidich, freshman in apparel, merchandising and design, said that when choosing between Iowa State and the University of Wisconsin—Madison, it was a matter of college personality.

“Madison is so big; Iowa State is a bit smaller, and Iowa State’s campus is nicer,” Kraidich said. “My mom explained that at Madison I’m just a number, while here I am a person.”

Football games proved to be a popular selling point for new students as well. Last year Iowa State won six games and lost seven games overall, with a record of winning three games and losing six games within the Big 12. Despite not having a winning season the Cyclones proved themselves by besting the U of I Hawkeyes 44-41 in triple overtime and toppling Oklahoma State (ranked No. 2 by the Bowl Championship Series at the time) 37-31.

“I didn’t go to football games when I was in high school, so I thought I would start here,” said Mitch Nobis, freshman in animal science.

“I’m really excited to see the sports team go out there and win the Big 12. Bring home the trophy,” said Nick Hamaty, freshman in pre-business.

Destination Iowa State will come to an end the night of Saturday, Aug. 18.