DIY: T-shirt bags and newspaper flowers

Meredith Whitlock

Looking for new ways to spice up your dorm room? Not sure what to do with your new Destination Iowa State shirt or your old ISU shirt that needed to be replaced this year?

Reuse your shirt for something creative and handy. Cut vertical slits along the bottom of your shirt and cut horizontal slits on the sleeves, like you would for a tie blanket.

Then tie the pieces together, making your own ISU bag. This is a fun and easy project, and now you have one more ISU accessory to show off your school pride.

If you are trying to find ways to add decoration to your room, try this simple and fun task. Make newspaper flowers and hang them from your ceiling. Instead of the usual tissue paper, fold up a few layers of newspaper accordion-style and put wire through the center (unfold a paper clip if in need of wire).

Start pulling layers of the paper up towards you and shape it to make it look like a flower. Once that is done, tie string around the base and hang your new decoration from the ceiling or anywhere you wish. To accent the newspaper, you could even color on it or write song lyrics or quotes on it beforehand to make it look more personal.