Romney supporters prepare for Obama

Katelynn Mccollough

Members of the ISU College Republicans and Iowa Romney supporters gathered at the Ames GOP Victory Office to prepare for President Barack Obama’s visit.

About 25 people were present at the event as they shared snacks and painted signs in show of support for presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

“There are a lot of young conservatives,” said Forrest Irvine, junior in political science and president of the ISU College Republicans, who wants to show that ISU is not just a democratic campus. “We are a middle of the road campus.”

The group of supporters plans to meet in front of the library at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. They are inviting all who wish to show their support for Romney to join.

Those planning on supporting Romney do not have tickets to get inside the gate of the event but plan to find a visible spot nearby.

“I plan on it being really respectful,” Irvine said, who explained they did not wish to interrupt Obama’s speech, but that “we also should be allowed to disagree.”

Jonathon Laudner, sophomore in pre-business and a member of the College Republicans, is hoping to see a large crowd participate in showing support for Romney.

“We’re wanting to make sure the people of Iowa know that Obama doesn’t have the youth vote wrapped up,” Laudner said, who has been disappointed to see fellow students join the workforce and have difficulties finding jobs.

Laudner and Irvine are hoping that their visibility on campus will help the College Republicans “network” and grow support for Romney.

Laudner echoed Irvine, saying they in no way showed support for any heckling of Obama during the event, and they planned to remain in the free speech zone.

Romney T-shirts were passed out at the meeting and a large number of signs were being made by volunteers.  The signs had slogans such as “Students Give Obama an F,” “Romney = Jobs” and “The Hope is Gone,” as well as many more.

Irvine said the College Republicans will have upcoming opportunities for students to get involved in the Romney campaign, such as helping with knocking on doors and making phone calls.

“We plan on being pretty visible and active and involved,” Irvine said. “What we do really can make a difference, especially in a swing state like Iowa.”

The College Republicans hope to see a visit from Romney in the near future.

The Ames GOP Victory Office is located at 711 East Lincoln Way.