Joynt: San Diego Comic-Con events and presentations

Jordan Joynt

The San Diego Comic-Con will soon be underway to showcase the newest developments within pop culture and entertainment. Starting out, the convention was exclusively for comic book artists and fans, but has expanded to include a wide variety of popular films, television shows, novels, and video games.

Panels and seminars are scheduled throughout the day, along with previews of upcoming films and portfolio reviews for aspiring comic book artists.

The start of Comic-Con will kick off with a preview screening of television pilots.

A few major networks will be present to screen five television series pilots for the 2012-13 season. The CW will be presenting two network pilots called Cult and Arrow.

Cult will be an investigative thriller dealing with disappearances involving a television show and Arrow is an action series centered around DC comic book hero, Oliver Queen. NBC, Fox, and ABC will also be introducing pilot episodes for the upcoming season.

The next few days will focus on a number of panels, previews, and how-to classes on various elements of filmmaking and screenwriting.

Classes have specific focuses such as creating character driven stories and pre-production and screenwriting. Series creators and filmmakers will also be having Q&A sessions and discussing topics related to the convention.

Guests from the comic book industry will be answering questions and giving presentations throughout each day as well.

Many actors and creators from popular television shows will be in attendance including Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, the cast of Dexter, and animators from DreamWorks and Cartoon Network. Comic book companies and animation networks will be giving scheduled portfolio reviews to artists throughout the convention, allowing for valuable feedback from professionals within the industry.

Small exhibits will be open each day of the convention with information, maps, and schedules for events and presentations.

A full list of programming and schedules can be found on Comic-Con’s website.

Preview night for the event will start on Wednesday, July 11. The convention will take place from Thursday, July 12 – Sunday, July 15.