Joynt: Apple releases OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion,2817,2405665,00.asp,2817,2405665,00.asp

Jordan Joynt

Apple OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is now available and ready for download in the Mac app store following up its predecessor, Lion.

Mountain Lion brings back popular features from previous operating systems and introduces new updates to Mac devices. The new operating system boasts faster loading times, streamlining the boot-up process.

Apple brings back familiar applications, like iCloud and Game Center, with revisions and small tweaks to design and setup options.

iCloud is a cross-platform tool that stores contacts, a calendar and documents, while saving settings across the Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod. Game Center is an online gaming network complete with recommendations and leaderboards — Game Center is also a cross-platform tool for Mac devices.

Apple’s web browser, Safari, will introduce new search features along with updates to the history and bookmarks tabs.

With 200+ new updates and features, the new OS X will look to operate more efficiently than previous versions. New save options include a number of shortcuts, iCloud support and an option to revert to the last saved version of a document.

iMessage will also see changes to design, contacts, usability and group messaging. Productivity tools like the Calendar app and the Notification Center will be accessible on multiple devices and will bring a host of functionality alterations.

Minor fixes and updates to security and system settings allow for additional preferences. Gatekeeper introduces three security options for downloading and installing apps onto the devices.

System settings will allow users to take an app full screen on a monitor while using dual displays. Drag and drop options were also added to screen sharing, allowing for remote file copying from any Mac.

Photo Stream and slideshows will also bring contemporary patterns and a new way to showcase photos.

OS X Mountain Lion is available for $20 and can be downloaded in the Mac app store.