ISD road trip: Marshalltown

A mural is painted on the side of a building on Main Street in Marshalltown, Iowa.

Frances Myers

Looking back, many people have had the opportunity in their childhood to have a tree house. However, it was most likely not as large as “The Big Treehouse” — a 12-level structure that stands more than 55 feet tall.

For this week’s road trip, the Daily ventured over to Marshalltown. Marshalltown is well known for its oversized treehouse. Construction of “The Big Treehouse” was started in 1983. It has more than 5,000 square feet of floor space, complete with music and electricity. It also has a telephone, microwave oven, refrigerator, running water, grill and 13 porch swings.

After visiting the tree house, we drove up and down Main Street. Marshalltown’s Main Street has a historic feel to it with the Orpheum Theater, the Marshall County Courthouse, as well as many other historic buildings.

The Orpheum Theater in Marshalltown was built in 1948 as the first post-World War II theater that was built by the Radio Keith Orpheum Company, which is a national theater syndicate. The Orpheum is a member of the League of Historic American Theaters Association.

Marshalltown is also home to the Central Iowa Fair each July. This year it will be July 11 to 15.

Other recreational activities Marshalltown offers include seven golf courses, 14 campgrounds in the area, as well as several spots for a popular activity known as geocaching. Geocaching is a popular “real-world outdoor treasure hunting game,” according to the official geocaching website. With this game, players try to find hidden containers, known as geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online.

As our last stop for the day, we stopped at the Tastee Freeze. This is a seasonal walk-up ice cream stand located just off the main drag. Similar to classic ice cream stands, it offers soft-serve ice cream treats as well as hamburgers, hot dogs and many other hot and cold treats.