Three suspects charged in sexual assault at Peterson Park

Frances Myers

Three suspects are being charged with sexual assault in the second degree, according to a news release from Paul Fitzgerald of the Story County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the release:

“At 2:43 p.m. on Thursday, the Story County Sheriff’s Office received an E9-1-1 call from Tana Tesdall of Ames, Iowa, who stated she was at Peterson Park when a woman came out of the woods asking for help and stating she had been raped. Deputies were immediately dispatched and upon their arrival made contact with the 17-year-old white female victim. The victim reported she had been abducted from the back yard of her rural Hamilton County residence by three white males and taken to Peterson Park where she was assaulted by all three of the males. While taking the report, other deputies secured the park area.

“Through further investigation, deputies were able to locate the three suspects. The suspects agreed to come to the Sheriff’s Office to be interviewed regarding their possible involvement in this matter where they were eventually charged. The three suspects involve one adult white male and two juvenile white males.

“The three suspects charged are as follows:

“1. Mason McKay Reilly, age 20, white male, of 50610 170th St., Ames, Iowa, charged with ‘Sexual Assault 2nd Degree’ with a cash or surety bond of $25,000.00. Reilly is currently held in the Story County Jail.

“2. James, age 16, white male, of 817 Leaf Road, Boone, Iowa, charged with ‘Sexual Assault 2nd Degree.’ Carsel is currently held in the Juvenile Detention Facility in Eldora, Iowa.

“3. David, age 16, white male, of 802 Dickinson Ave., Apartment No. 103, Ames, Iowa, charged with ‘Sexual Assault 2nd Degree.’ Price is currently held in the Juvenile Detention Facility in Eldora, Iowa.

“Sexual assault in the 2nd degree is a Class B felony, Iowa Criminal Code 709.3(3).

“The Story County Sheriff’s Office is working in conjunction with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office where the abduction was reported to have occurred. The Story County Sheriff’s Office also thanks the Ames Police Department for their assistance of additional personnel in the Petersen Pitts area. For questions concerning this investigation Sheriff Fitzgerald may be reached at 515-382-7456 or Lieutenant Jeff Dodds at 515-382-7474.”