Joynt: Microsoft presents Office 2013

Jordan Joynt

Microsoft announced some of the new features of Office 2013 in a presentation on July 16, 2012. The productivity suite comes with a new design and a subscription-based cloud service called Office 365.

Word: The newest version of Word includes updates to usability and a cleaner design.

— A new object zoom allows users to zoom in on tables and detailed images within documents. New sharing features include save options with SkyDrive and SharePoint and web-based sharing features.

A link to the file can be saved on the cloud or with a browser, allowing viewers without Word to read the document online. Layout options have also been tweaked to include alignment guides and text configurations.

PowerPoint: PowerPoint will be adding new design variants to its themes along with sharing features.

— The new themes include different color schemes and tools for merging shapes into different patterns.

Like Word, PowerPoint will include zoom capabilities for detailed charts and images. A PowerPoint Web App will allow for multiple users to work on the same PowerPoint in a browser or from the desktop.

Excel: New tools are added to Excel to help visualize data.

— New auto-complete features work to recognize specific patterns, reformatting the data without the use of formulas.

Excel recommends charts dependent on certain patterns along with a variety of tables and charts to represent the data. Users can utilize Lync to share data and can also embed data on social networks.

OneNote: One Note is an easy way to take notes on the go, using mobile apps and Office Web Apps.

— OneNote can be saved and synced on a browser and opened on any device with the OneNote app.

Users are able to draw, type and insert tables and pictures into the notes. All content within each note is searchable and saved automatically as you type.

Outlook: Microsoft’s management tool provides an efficient way to handle email accounts, scheduling, and a list of contacts.

— Outlook users will be able to see updates from contacts on social networks like Facebook and Linkedin.

The calendar feature can be easily shared with contacts for scheduling meetings and managing invitations. New functions include an improved search bar, a weather bar, and an intuitive search filter.

An open beta is currently available for Office 2013. The suite will be officially released in early 2013.