Joynt: Tom Hanks introduces the web series ‘Electric City’

Jordan Joynt

Tom Hanks’ animated web series Electric City” will be premiering on July 17, joining several other web based shows on Yahoo’s web video network. Hanks lends his voice to one of the characters along with other actors including Jeanne Tripplehorn, Holland Taylor and Ginnifer Goodwin.

“The much anticipated Electric City is here – we at Yahoo! could not be more thrilled to be the digital partner for this unparalleled, groundbreaking series,” said Erin McPherson VP & Head of Video at Yahoo in a press release.

It will be set in a futuristic, dystopian city with widespread corruption and secret dealings. The show will also focus on common global issues such as energy consumption, freedom of information and crime.

The series will be rife with puzzles and symbols, each episode will be 5-7 minutes, adding up to over 90 minutes in length. Mysteries within the show will unfold in each episode, allowing users to discuss plot points and interact online.

The series will invoke various outlets for constant involvement between viewers. There will be a 3-D map to explore, social networks, and mobile gaming.

In addition to computer viewing, there will also be an app including a role-playing game and numerous extras from the show. The show will provide areas for speculation and comments on Facebook and Twitter.

Electric City” will be made available across tablets and mobile devices with apps for Android and iOS.