Summer Profile: Matt Harmon to cycle from Muscatine, Iowa to New Orleans


Photo: David Bartholomew/Iowa State Daily

Matt Harmon, junior in political science and history, is excited to commence his bicycle trip down to New Orleans and is taking every chance to optimize the experience without taking a toll on his wallet. Photo: David Bartholomew/Iowa State Daily

David Bartholomew

Name: Matt Harmon

Year/Major: Junior in political science and history

An active cycler, Harmon will be taking a solo biking trip from Muscatine, Iowa to New Orleans this summer.

Harmon said he became interested in the trip when he stumbled upon a biking website that provided maps for cyclists, particularly geared towards college students because of their affordability.

“I’m an avid cycler and I wanted to do a long distance tour; this trip will be 1,342 miles,” Harmon said.

Because the trip will require several weeks, Harmon said his plan is to carry camping equipment which will allow him to stay overnight without breaking the bank.

“I am going to campfire cook, hopefully on a budget of fifteen dollars a day. I’ll also bring things like fruits, nuts, dehydrated meat and other stuff that won’t go bad,” Harmon said.

Upon arrival to New Orleans, Harmon said his family will be there to meet him and celebrate his journey through the heart of the country. If all goes well, Harmon said his next goal is to participate in a coast-to-coast TransAm trip from Oregon to Virginia.