Lifetime Cyclone: Woodin sets precedent for children’s college choice


Photo courtesy of Dan Woodin

Dan Woodin met his wife at Iowa State, and their children followed in the Cyclone footsteps as they attended Iowa State, too.

Frances Myers

When Dan Woodin graduated from Iowa State, he had no idea he would be setting the precedent for college choice for a generation to come.

Woodin, information systems leader for IT Services University Information Systems at Iowa State, attended Iowa State from 1969 to 1974, majoring in math and computer science.

“I wanted to be a high school math teacher,” Woodin said. “My decision was between Mankato State and Iowa State. ISU had the better math teaching program. While at ISU, computer science was just beginning, and I decided to double major.”

While attending Iowa State, Woodin said one of his favorite memories was meeting his wife Jackie, a fellow ISU student, and marrying her in 1973. They just celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary.

The Woodins’ children made the decision that Iowa State was the place for them to be as well. Their daughter Audra and her husband Mark, daughter Annon, son Austin and his wife Melissa, and son Anson have all become ISU students.

Woodin said it meant a lot to him as a father when many of his children made the decision to follow in his footsteps and attend Iowa State as well.

“Iowa State and Ames has been a great place for me learn, labor and live,” Woodin said. “Iowa State was as close or as far away as our kids wanted it to be.”

Woodin said his family members have supported one another throughout the years.

“We have family dinners, tailgate together and support the Cyclones whenever we can,” Woodin said. “We have six grandchildren now, and all are Cyclone fans.”

He also joked that he and his wife connected with their sons whenever they needed laundry done. 

“Mysteriously, [laundry] would appear overnight Saturday and was usually picked up with dinner on Sunday night,” Woodin said.

Woodin said Iowa State was prominent in his children’s upbringing in that they often attended games and other functions as a family.

“My kids have attended ISU games through the years,” Woodin said. “Our kids are four, five, six years apart, so each had many opportunities to attend and did so.”

Woodin explained that he has had men’s basketball and football tickets since 1969 and has sat in the same seat at the men’s basketball games for more than 30 years. 

“I was going to request a move two years ago, but my kids said that it just wouldn’t be right if we moved,” Woodin said. 

As a father, Woodin said Iowa State has been a great part of his life, and he’s happy it has continued to be a part of his children’s lives. 

“It offered us a great education and has continued to offer our kids, and before we know it our grandkids, a great education,” Woodin said. “One also learns how to live a life while attending Iowa State. Jackie and I believe that the learning about life that happens outside the classroom is just as important as in the classroom. So many life lessons and personal reflections as well as lifelong friends are gained through those experiences.”