Spruce up summer with all-American fashion

Jamie Lauten

It’s that time of year again. With the Fourth of July just a few short days away, good old USA pride is at its yearly high.

However, this summer is particularly patriotic with the London Olympics starting July 27 and thus donning red, white and blue all summer long is a must.

Hanging a flag isn’t the only way to show one’s pride. There are many ways you can show your support for Team USA while staying fashion-forward and true to who you are. While most go all out on the Fourth of July, there are subtle ways to wear the trend.

Whether you’re spending your summer filing papers for your corporate internship or lounging by the pool, you can incorporate America into your daily wardrobe, easily flaunting the signature red, white and blue without looking overdone or too “star-spangled banner”-ed.

Try going nautical this summer with navy blue and white horizontally-striped dresses and tees. To add a pop of red, try accessorizing with red pumps or a scarf. The look is perfect, day or night.

If you need an excuse to rock bright red lips, another way to combine the signature colors is to pair a sultry red lipstick with a trendy chambray blue button-up.

White can be incorporated into this ensemble by wearing white cutoff jeans or white high-waist shorts. White cutoffs and jeans have become a summer staple and can instantly upgrade any outfit to summer wear.

Not only do red and white create an Americana look, it also makes for a bright, well-polished look.

Flag poles aren’t the only place you’ll be spotting stars and stripes this summer. From zip-ups to tanks, the flag print is definitely making its yearly comeback. If you’re in the mood for a little DIY project, you can follow four simple steps to make your own flag shorts.

First, take a pair of white jean shorts and adhere stars to one pant leg and spray with blue spray paint, let dry and remove the stars (white silhouettes should remain in their place).

Next, to create vertical stripes, apply painter’s tape on the opposing pant leg. Spray the area red, let it dry and remove the tape.

When finished, you will have created your own American flag that can be worn to any summer event.