Joynt: Microsoft reveals Xbox SmartGlass at E3

Jordan Joynt

There have been several unveilings at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, but one of the revelations that has created some of the most buzz at the event has been Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass. The app works as a Wi-Fi remote for video and game content on mobile devices.

SmartGlass is a collection of apps used to bridge digital content between devices and will work with iOS, Android, and Windows 8. The app allows users to navigate their Xbox 360 dashboard on up to four devices simultaneously.

Smartglass will work as a second screen on your tablet or phone, enabling the ability to watch movies or trailers on Xbox Dashboard from your device. The app will also provide complementary content for games, displaying maps and icons.

Players will be able to check in-game stats, updates, and menus via their devices. Commentary and interactive features on the app can be viewed while watching movies and viewing content on video games.

The demos Microsoft presented at E3 showed the app on multiple devices and working as a secondary controller for games including Madden and Halo 4. The devices can also view statistics from multiplayer games and online friends.

Microsoft will be partnering with various content providers such as ESPN and Paramount, to bring video content to the app. Movie and TV services such as Netflix and Hulu will bring more video content as well to mobile phones and tablets.

In addition to bringing extra content to multiple devices, Microsoft also plans to implement a version of its web browser Internet Explorer for mobile use. The partnership with Rhapsody and a newly transitioned Xbox music store will bring new music services to already existing services, Pandora and Last.FM. 

Dual screens and easy availability to Xbox content will offer up many new ways to experience video content from any Wi-Fi location.

SmartGlass will be available this fall. (Xbox SmartGlass)