One-on-One with Stephanie Carlson, intern for Sen. Chuck Grassley in D.C.


Photo courtesy of Steph Carlson

Stephanie Carlson is spending her summer in Washington with an internship for working for Sen. Chuck Grassley.

Aimee Burch

Getting an internship is hard. Getting one in a good location is even harder. Stephanie Carlson is living the dream. As an intern for Sen. Chuck Grassley, Carlson is spending part of her summer in Washington. The other part of the summer will be spent back in Iowa working with the Iowa Pork Producers. She recently spoke with the Daily about her job and her time in Washington.

How did you get this job?

This past fall, I went to the College of Agriculture career fair. I saw the Iowa Pork Producers there and picked up an application. From there, I went through an interview process and found out I got the internship. I had heard about the internship before but actually checked it out at the career fair.

What do you do at this internship? What are your duties?

I’m spending the summer with pork producers and with Sen. Chuck Grassley. I’m working on Capitol Hill for six weeks in Grassley’s office to see how they work with their constituents on farm bills and other agricultural policies. After that, I’ll come back to Iowa and coordinate and run the Pork Producer’s tent in August at the Iowa State Fair.

Have you always been active in politics?

My interest lies in agriculture. I’m very passionate about the swine industry in particular. So I’m interested in politics as far as the agriculture industry goes. I find myself interested in how the government works and how the regulations can affect agriculture production.

Have you had any experiences or memorable moments while in Washington?

It has been awesome so far working on the Hill. Being in the senator’s personal office and seeing how different governmental officials work with each other to accomplish the common goal of working for the American people. It’s been fun to explore the city and get together with other ISU interns working in Washington. I’m really looking forward to spending July 4 in the capital.

What are your future plans?

I’ll be a senior in the fall finishing an animal science degree. I see myself working in the swine industry as a leader and advocate for all things pork. I see myself maybe working with an organization or the Pork Producers educating on government affairs.

What advice would you give to other students needing an internship?

It’s really all about networking and getting out there meeting with and talking with people. The more people you know, the more opportunities you’re going to have.